Focus on the Issue, Not Colin Kaepernick

To see a professional athlete utilizing his or her spotlight to take a stand against injustice is something that I will always get behind. However, I struggle when it comes to the situation with Colin Kaepernick. I do believe his intentions are good, but the execution was flawed.

The fact that Colin Kaepernick is speaking out against the injustice that is plaguing individuals in communities across the country is great. According to The Guardian, there have been 25 unarmed “black” individuals shot and killed by police so far this year. Meanwhile, there have been 33 unarmed “white” individuals shot and killed by police. If we compare these numbers to the demographics of the United States, it should be noted that 77.1% of the population are “white” and 13.3% of the population are “black,” according to the United States Census. This means that there are a lot more “black” individuals being killed opposed to “white” individuals per capita. Therefore, Kaepernick speaking out as a voice for the individuals that are no longer able to speak or for the individuals not being heard is needed to bring awareness to what is going on in our country.

Do I agree with how Colin Kaepernick went about taking a stand? I do not. Personally, I feel it would have been better if Kaepernick spoke out against injustice during an interview. When you commit an act that is against patriotic moralism and even US Codes, people instantly ignore the issue being protested. Instead, people start their attack on the protestor. This is exactly what happened in this situation. The individuals being oppressed and murdered are now being ignored.

Overall, I believe we need to ignore the protestor in this situation instead of the people being oppressed and murdered. It is time we focus on the issue. The issue here is that unarmed people are being killed and nothing is being done to stop it. This is what we need to turn our anger toward, not a football player that refuses to stand for the National Anthem. People dying should anger us way more than someone disrespecting a song. Therefore, it is time that we turn our anger toward the issue.


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