Why Don’t People Research Before Sharing?

We all have that one friend on Facebook. You know the type I am talking about. The friend that shares anything and everything they see online. Actually, that friend may even be you.

After seeing this on multiple occasions, I started to wonder why don’t people research before sharing? Is it ignorance or laziness or both? We have so much information available at our fingertips, yet it seems so many fail to utilize it. It takes almost no time to research if an article is fact or not before sharing on social media. Yet, so many people fail to do so.

Below are some of websites that I use on a regular basis to conquer the ignorance or laziness that I am speaking of:

Snopes.com – This website debunks rumors being shared on the internet, in particular on social media.

Real or Satire? – This website informs its users whether a website is a real or satire news website.

FactCheck.org – This website focuses on checking the factual accuracy of politicians and all things politics.

PolitiFact – This website focuses on what politicians and others say about American politics.

These websites are ones that everyone should have bookmarked, alongside IAmScottSears.com. (Yes, I added a shameless plug there.) It is time that we put an end to the ignorance and/or laziness that plagues our timelines on Facebook. Will you help in putting an end to this plague?


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