Why Are We So Offended?

Why are we so offended? It seems like every week there are people complaining on social media about something that they find offensive. Is it that we are growing up in an age where everyone is overly offended or are people more vocal due to social media?

The following are some examples that people have been offended by:

  • Rebel flag.
  • People disrespecting the flag.
  • Sports teams’ mascots.
  • Not standing for the National Anthem.
  • Store’s 9/11 display.
  • Mattress store’s 9/11 ad and sale.
  • Disney’s Moana costume.

Personally, I believe we, as a society, should do our part in respecting others. We should do this by not utilizing derogatory slurs and try to not be overly offensive. However, it seems that almost everything is offensive to someone anymore. Where does one draw the line of what is truly offensive versus what overly offended people find offensive?


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