Silencing the Opposition

Everyone has opinions. Some tend to keep them to themselves, while others share their views with the world. When people share their opinions, someone is bound to disagree. It seems that too often people are trying to silence the people that oppose their own views.

With the presidential election coming up, it is even more evident that people try to silence the opposition. When someone says one candidate will be a great president, the opposition tries to silence their opinion. I have even seen people post on social media that if someone wants a certain candidate to win, then they should delete and even kill themselves. To believe that someone should kill themselves based on a difference of opinion is ludicrous, especially over a presidential candidate.

Instead of trying to silence the opposition, I believe we must be:

  • Openminded.
  • Understanding.
  • Considerate.

Of course, I am not saying we should not discuss ideas with one another. We should discuss ideas with others, because that is how solutions are discovered. However, we must never silence the opposition.


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