Break the Stigma

Mental illness is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis. A lot of people who struggle with mental illness hide it due to the stigma. We must break the stigma.

How do we break the stigma? To answer this question, I reached out to multiple people including: people who do and do not struggle with mental illness and a professional counselor. We are all in agreement that education is the key to breaking the stigma.

When it comes to mental illness, some people see it as some imaginary thing that “weak” people say they have. Others see people with mental illness as “crazy.” This ignorance only adds to the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Therefore, we need to eliminate this ignorance as much as possible.

To break the stigma, we must provide education about mental health. One way to educate others is to share facts about mental health. Another way is to expand the focus on mental health in health classes, particularly in junior high schools. Opening up about personal struggles with mental illness can also help to break the stigma.

Overall, there is a stigma that exists around mental health. In order to break it, we must do our part to educate others. It is time that we break the stigma by breaking the silence! How do you plan on breaking the silence to break the stigma?


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