Vote Your Conscience

Winston Churchill once said, “Where there is great power there is great responsibility.” When it comes to voting, voters have great power. Therefore, there needs to be great responsibility when casting one’s ballot.

Over the course of this election, we have seen various viewpoints on issues and candidates. When it comes to this presidential election, people’s views have been expressed even more profusely than usual. Of course, some of these views are not based in factual evidence. Due to the power that is involved in voting, it is important to vote based on facts.

As voters, we must refuse to believe the propaganda, fake news, and uneducated opinions. First, to vote based on propaganda from a certain candidate without researching various nonpartisan resources is not being responsible with our power. Second, believing fake news when voting is detrimental. Third, do not believe the falsehoods that one must vote a certain way due to false thinking. No matter what issues and candidates one votes for, it should be done with a clear conscience.

Overall, it is dire that we, as voters, do our research to make the most conscience decisions when it comes to voting. To vote a specific way based on falsehoods and going against one’s conscience is not the way anyone should vote. One should not take the power of voting for granted, because with voting comes great responsibility. No matter how you vote, remember to vote your conscience.


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