America’s Disease: Hypocrisy

There is a disease that is running rampant in our country. This disease is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is present in almost every conversation and even communities. From conversations about political issues and sports to religious communities. It is time we learn about this disease to help find a cure.

Hypocrisy is the most predominant in conversations about political issues. Did you just think of a particular party when you read this? If so, then the disease may be rearing its ugly head. Since it is very important to be able to observe situations where hypocrisy is evident, we will be looking at a couple of examples. One example involves government control. Republicans tend to not want the government to make decisions that affects their rights (i.e. gun control and religious freedom), but they are okay with the government making decisions for others. Meanwhile, Democrats do not want decisions made that affects their rights (i.e. abortion and gay rights), but they too are okay with the government making decisions for others. Another example is how both Republicans and Democrats have argued that the election system is rigged, but they decided the system being so when the other party made the claim. Of course, hypocrisy is not only evident in conversations about political issues.

Another conversation where hypocrisy is present is when talking about sports. When a person’s team loses a game that had questionable calls, they argue that they were cheated out of the win by the referees. A week later when their team wins, they are telling others that the referees did great even when there were questionable calls against the other team. Granted, hypocrisy is not as detrimental in conversations about sports, but it is still a problem.

Where hypocrisy is the most detrimental is when it exists in religious communities. Too often, Christians look down on others for doing the same things they did before accepting Christ as their savior. Of course, other religions have hypocrisy that exists in their communities, as well. When hypocrisy exists in religious communities, it can be detrimental for everyone.

Overall, it is important to be able to recognize when hypocrisy is present in our lives. Although the above is an overgeneralization of certain groups where hypocrisy exists, it should not take away from how serious this disease is. Hypocrisy is overtaking America and we must take action. By recognizing it, we can treat it accordingly. The best way to treat hypocrisy is by opening and changing our minds. It is on us to bring a cure to America’s disease: hypocrisy.


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