One Speaks for Many

It is quite easy to witness one speaking for many. We can see multiple examples where one person has done something and automatically they speak for others. No matter what others do to combat this, they have already been spoken for. Why is it that one person speaks for many?

In order to answer the above question, it is necessary to look at a few examples. One example involves police officers. In the news, we will see a police officer shoot and kill an unarmed person. Automatically, claims develop that all police officers are bad and are killing unarmed people. Another example involves the Black Lives Matter group. While peacefully protesting the shooting of an unarmed person, there will be a couple individuals that start spreading hate and even rioting. Of course when the news shows this, all supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are a hate group that are rioting. The last example is when a terrorist claims to be committing a horrible attack in the name of Islam, we find all Muslims being called terrorists. All of these examples have something in common that we must look into.

What do these examples have in common? Some may assume they are all examples of one speaking for many. However, we must look deeper. What these examples have in common is ignorance and misconceptions that we are responsible for. When we look at situations like the ones above, we must look at them in a different light. One person does not speak for many. We make one person speak for many. It is due to us generalizing people that we allow ourselves to believe that one person or a small group of people speaks for many. The problem is that we generalize people.

Overall, it is important to look at situations differently from now on. When we start to generalize a group of people, we need to check ourselves and our false thinking. We cannot allow ourselves to generalize anyone. Because in the end, one person does not speak for many.


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