Where Have I Been?

Over the last few months, I have not been posting. There are a couple of reasons for this. The reasons are due to being discouraged and due to medical reasons. Both of these reasons have impacted my ability to write.

As shared above, one reason for not posting is due to feeling discouraged. What I mostly write and share has a purpose of opening minds and helping to bring awareness to topics. With this being said, if nobody is reading said posts, it is very discouraging. Therefore, I have been struggling with getting in the mood to write knowing that it may not be read. This defeats the purpose of why I write what I write, thus causing the discouragement level to be high.

On top of being discouraged, I have been fighting various medical issues. More recently, I had carpal tunnel, which limited my computer usage. Currently, I am typing this with my non-dominant hand, because I have a fractured hand. Therefore, typing up posts is very difficult at the moment.

In closing, I really do want to continue sharing posts. With the above reasons, it has been difficult in writing and sharing posts. This does not mean I am done writing and sharing, it just means that I am trying to get the drive back to do so. Therefore, I am not going anywhere and neither is my website.  Overall, I wanted to share this to let people know where I have been and about my website’s future.


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