False Standards

Everyone has standards. In fact, standards are a good thing to have. When these standards are pressured onto others are when standards start to become a bad thing.

What do I mean by the above? Basically, we each have standards on how we wish to live. Some have standards of not doing drugs. Others have standards of not cursing. These standards are what help people to live what they consider moral lives.

So what is the problem with having standards? Nothing. The problem is forcing said standards on others. An example of this would be that a person should wear clothes that are conservative. There is nothing wrong with a person having a standard of wearing clothes that are conservative, but when they force their standards onto another it is wrong. In fact, it is not wrong to wear non-conservative clothing. This example like some other standards are false and cause hurt to the people who feel they have to live in accordance to said false standards.

I am a victim of false standards. From when I was younger to even today in my adult age, I try my best to live in accordance to other people’s standards. Sure, I can choose to not live in accordance to these false standards, but I never wanted to face the consequences. The consequences usually result in persecution from others who hold you to their false standards.

Luckily, there is a way out of living life in accordance to the false standards of others. That is to live by your standards and face the consequences. Here is the trick about said consequences to false standards, they come from people who should not matter in your life. If someone feels the need to hold you to their false standard, then they do not care about your own standards. It is your own standards that truly matter.

Overall, I am not saying that you should not have standards. In fact, we will often have standards that overlap other people’s standards. However, you should not live in accordance to false standards chosen by other people for you. Always live in accordance to the standards that you choose for yourself.


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